Welcome to the DOLLHOUSE

Let the dolls fulfill your dreams!

LICH - Shirogane 01 - Plot 43

Saturday 19:30-00:00 ST

About Us

Every soldier needs a rest sometimes. And the "Dollhouse" would love to give you all we have. Our pleasure is to create a wonderfull and special time with you, which you are not going to forget that fast. Our dolls do their best to make you feel good and give you some relief, after your hard battles. Our dolls would love to play with you at our mansion. Are you up for a date then?

Dollhouse Mansion

You are looking for stunning events and some lovely fun for you and maybe some of your friends? Well, then you should absolutley give a try to the "Dollhouse"! With deep passion and love we`ve created a safe space for all of us to celebrate our lives in Eorzea together. Good music, delicious drinks and stunning dolls are awaiting for you. The dolls can not wait to party up with you, dont let us wait!

Leader Team

Sekiriko Yuka - Owner

The dollhouse has always been my biggest dream. I wanted to created a safe place for those who found their passion in the night life. The dolls are not only fun and friends, they are family. And i am more then blessed to lead them. For sure, i love my position as a supreme/owner, but i never lost my passion in beeing a doll myself.


VIP Pack (Get access to our VIP room with your own doll to play in with. What actually happens during your booking is up to you. But please be respectful and and kind to our dolls!)

150.000 GIL - 30min
250.000 GIL - 60min

Private Dance (Get access to our very own private dance room where you can check out the moves of our lovely dolls!)

80.000 GIL - 15min

Please do notice that we are serving only 2 customers per time. For example: 2 Customers x 1 Doll or 2 Dolls x 1 Customer

Our Partners

Endless Nights Events




La petite mort


The Exile


Rules of the house

1. Respect other guests and be polite to everyone.

2. No running or pets inside the mansion.

3. Please do not spam chat emotes during your visit.

4. Do not entry one of the private rooms without having a booking.

5. Because of ethic reasons we dont offer our 18+ service to "Lalas"

6. Please respect the fact that it can be busy sometimes so please be patient if some of us can`t respond immediately.

Contact Us

If you wanna see or even hear more of the dolls make sure to click on the buttons down below. We highly recommend to join our discord server, cause the dollhouse is not our only project. For more infos join us today!